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PowerForce® Compact Vacuum Assembly Video

The Powerforce compact vacuum is easy to assemble. We’ll show you how in just a few steps. 

  • First, you’ll want to position the handle so the lower tab is facing the back of the vacuum. Now, insert the handle into the base and push until you hear it lock into place. 
  • Next, wrap the power cord around the Upper and Lower Cord wraps
  • Attach the hose clip to the back of the unit
  • Now, attach the hose by twisting the elbow end into the unit clockwise, then into the hose clip. Then insert the other end into the foot.
  • If your vacuum came with the crevice tool and dusting brush, these can be attached onto the on-unit tool holders

That’s it!  You’re now ready to use your PowerForce® Compact vacuum!

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