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PowerEdge Steam Mop Using the Handheld Steam Cleaner Video

The PowerEdge steam mop has a detachable handheld steamer, perfect for around the house. We’ll show you how to use it! 

  • To use the handheld steamer, wait at least 10 seconds for the steam to cool down before detaching.
  • Once the steam has cooled, push the release button for the handle located above the water tank and pull the handle straight up and out.
  • To remove the foot, press the latch and pull up on the body.
  • Push the trigger on the handheld steamer to release excess steam
  • Your PowerEdge steam mop may have come with tools to attach to the pod.
  • Turn the pod sideways letting any residual steam escape before connecting the desired tool to the end of the pod based on your cleaning needs
  • The grout tool can be used to clean flooring that has visible dirt in grout lines.
  • The bristle brush can be used to clean around your sinks, countertops and showers
  • When done cleaning and ready to reassemble, start by unplugging the machine
  • Insert the foot back into the body of the machine until you hear a ‘click’. If you removed the handle, insert the handle back into the body of the machine until you hear another ‘click’.

Now that you’re familiar with these handheld features, you can get to cleaning!

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