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Loss of Power or Suction with Your PowerLifter® Ion Pet

If you experience power or suction issues with your PowerLifter Ion Pet 2-in-1 vacuum this video should help.

  • If no lights are lit when attempting to charge, ensure the outlet is working properly by testing a different outlet in your home with a small device such as a cell phone charger
  •  If you have determined that the outlet is working properly, check that you are using the correct charger. The charger listed on the label on the back of the hand vacuum should match what is listed on the label on the charger
  • Once charged, try and use your PowerLifter Ion.  If it turns off shortly after turning on and the LED light turns solid red, your brush may be bound.

  • See Brush Roll Maintenance video for steps on how to troubleshoot the issue

  • If your stick vacuum has power but doesn’t have suction, there could be a few reasons for the issue

  • First, the Dirt Tank and filters may need to be cleaned. You can watch our Cleaning the Dirt Tank and Filters video for tips on how to do that

  • Also check that the foot isn’t clogged. To check, remove the foot from the main body and check for any visible clogs

These steps should fix any suction or power issues you’re experiencing, so you can get back to cleaning! 

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