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How to Clean the Dirt Tank & Filters on PowerLifter® Ion Pet

After frequent use, your Adapt Ion Pet 2-in-1 Vacuum will need its dirt tank and filters cleaned. After this video, you’ll know how to do both!

  • First, make sure the vacuum is OFF.
  • Then, press the release button on the handle to remove the hand vacuum
  • Hold the hand vacuum vertically and press the release button on the front to release the Dirt Tank
  • Grab the filter tabs and pull up to remove the Filter Assembly. Empty the Dirt Tank into the trash
  • The Filter Assembly can be taken apart for cleaning
  • To clean, grip the Filter Assembly and turn counter-clockwise. Pull the two pieces apart to remove the filter from the filter screen
  • Tap them both against a trash can to remove visible dirt
  • You’ll also want to check the pre-motor mesh filter attached to the hand vac. Remove any debris you find attached.
  • If desired, you can now wash the filters and filter screen by rinsing them with warm water. Ensure that you are done using your stick vaccum before washing, as the filters will need time to dry before using again
  • Once it’s dry, you can put the Filter Assembly back together and into the Dirt Tank. Then reattach the tank to the hand vac and the hand vac to the body

Cleaning your filters frequently is a good habit to get into, as it will help keep your Adapt Ion operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

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