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Articles and Advice from our Pet Expert

The Power of “Like”: One simple way to help homeless pets

Many of us are eager to do our part to support positive change in this country, but we don’t always know how to begin.

Pet overpopulation is a significant problem in the U.S., and while we’re seeing an increase in the number of pets adopted from shelters and rescues, we still euthanize approximately four million adoptable dogs and cats each year simply because of overpopulation.

By adopting a pet, you not only save one valuable life, you also become an ambassador for pet adoption and a catalyst for change. But even if you’re not ready to adopt an animal, you can help more homeless pets find homes. Thanks to the pack of pet lovers at BISSELL, this summer you can promote pet adoption with just a few clicks!

Beginning June 27, for every new fan that registers on BISSELL’s Facebook page, the company will donate 50 cents to the Foundation to reach its goal of contributing $50,000 toward pet adoption in 2011.

The Foundation works with shelters and rescue groups across the country to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home. It provides direct funding as well as training, education and grants to support hundreds of thousands of homeless pets.

Once you’ve become a BISSELL Facebook fan (, you can help even more by encouraging your friends and family to "like" BISSELL as well.One simple way to spread the word is by sharing this short video:

Will “likes” lead to love?

It’s easy to like a furry friend on Facebook or cuddled in your arms, but for many Americans, it’s not so easy to like the furry messes they leave behind. BISSELL’s research shows that 38% of Americans (too many!) say they’d add a pet to their home if cleaning up after them was easier – and with the right tools, it can be! BISSELL has a wide array of tools specifically designed to simplify pet clean-up and enable pet owners to spend more time playing with their four-legged friends.

Clearly, the benefits of our companion animals outweigh any pet messes they leave behind. With effective, affordable clean up solutions, you’ll have time to focus on the rewards your pet offers, like playtime, cuddle time and laughter. You can also look forward to a fitter, healthier, less-stressed life, thanks to your pet!

And what do homeless pets have to look forward to?

  • Snuggle time – Why else would 59% of pet owners call their pet their “snuggle buddy”?
  • Not being forgotten on holidays and birthdays – 49% of pet owners give their pets holiday gifts and 31% celebrate their pet’s birthdays.
  • Vacations – 35% of pet owners have taken their pets on vacation at least once
  • Becoming a best friend – 66% of Americans call their pet their best friend.
  • Never being homeless again – And that is absolutely priceless.
Kristen Buck60x60

Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Expert

July 7, 2011

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