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Articles and Advice from our Pet Expert

Spring Cleaning for Your Pet Home

It should come as no surprise to you that I frequently talk about pets and clean up here in the BISSELL Pet Community! After all, pets cause messes, and BISSELL is all about clean. Plus, BISSELL is truly a pack of pet lovers (more than 70 percent of employees have pets)!

As a team, we want to help you manage the pet messes, so you can spend more time enjoying your pets. So now that spring has sprung, here are my spruce-up tips for your pet home, along with some expert resources and tools from our best friends at BISSELL.

Tidy up pet spaces

The key to keeping your home smelling springtime fresh (not like an “animal house”) is to focus on freshening up the areas and the items your pet interacts with most.

Bedding: Your pet probably spends most of its time indoors. Spruce up his digs by refreshing his favorite places, including his bed, kennel or favorite napping spot, by vacuuming to remove hair and dirt. Next, launder blankets or bedding and toss any worn items that need replacing.

Pet hair tops the list of most difficult pet messes to rid from the home, according to research from BISSELL*, and 62 percent of American pet parents say they’d give up a small luxury for their pet never to shed again. To tackle pet hair in your home, try the BISSELL PowerGlide® Deluxe Pet Vacuum with Lift-Off® Technology ($179.99).

Toys: Throw away any toys that are permanently soiled, damaged or simply ignored by your pet. Gather any plush toys and launder them, so they’re fresh and fluffy again. Hand wash any plastic or rubber toys, too.

If your pet has lots of toys, you can rotate them weekly to keep your pet interested. You might also keep a set of durable, Kong-type or rope toys for outdoor playtime, and keep the soft, squeaky plush toys inside so they last longer.

Carpets and upholstery: Unfortunately, your carpet and furnishings can harbor stinky smells from pet potty accidents. If they aren’t cleaned up effectively, odors may live to haunt your otherwise tidy home. Cat urine is especially prone to linger because it is much more concentrated and likely to stain than dog urine. (This is because cats tend to drink less water than dogs.)

If accidents are common on carpets and upholstery, consider purchasing a SpotBot® Pet ($149.99), which is a compact, portable deep cleaner that gives pet owners the freedom to walk away from messes while it does all the work.

Is it Time to Deep Clean?

Pets track more than dirt and hair into our homes. Dust, pollens and dust-mite levels are considerably higher in homes with animals and, together with pet dander, are the primary causes of indoor allergies and asthmatic reactions.

Most Americans think vacuuming is enough to remove dirt from their carpets, but the unfortunate truth is that even regular vacuuming can leave deep-seated dirt and stains behind. Deep cleaning furniture and carpets loosens and eliminates most of the harmful dirt and ground-in grit and, especially for pet owners, is essential to reducing allergen levels inside the home.

Deep-cleaning machines shoot a high-pressure spray of hot water and cleaning formula deep into your carpet to loosen most embedded grime, then immediately extract the solution to ensure rapid drying.

The BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet unit has powerful cleaning with Heatwave Technology® to help maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process, dual rotating powerbrushes, and Surround Suction® to remove dirt from carpet.

For treating smaller stains or problem areas, look to a portable compact deep cleaner like the BISSELL hands free SpotBot® Pet mentioned above.

Deep cleaning on a regular basis will promote a healthier home environment for you and your furry loved ones!

If you have a pet question for me or a suggestion for a topic you’d like me to address, contact me!

*BISSELL Pet Clean-Up Survey May 2009-Kelton Research

Kristen Buck60x60

Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Exper

February 26, 2014

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