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Articles and Advice from our Pet Expert

My cats urinated on the freshly cleaned carpet Why would each of them behave in this manner

I have six cats. Three females and three males. All are spayed/neutered except one female. They range from one year to twelve years old. I just finished shampooing my carpets in the bedroom, dinning room and living room. I used "Bissell's Advanced Formula" for carpet & upholstery. I also added a spot & odor remover called "Triple Oxy" to spot treat the really tough stains and odors caused by the cats. All the carpets looked and smelled wonderful! ! Immediately after I finished the carpet cleaning process. My cats went one by one into each room and urinated on the freshly cleaned carpet. I was in complete shock!! They have never displayed such behavior in the past. In some cases, I was in the room too when they started sniffing the carpet and then proceeded to squat and urinate. Why would each of them behave in this manner?? I have no clue what to do to stop each of them from ever repeating this in the future. What took me a week of shampooing along with the cost involved, took all 6 of them less than 24 hours to destoy. PLEASE HELP!! I NEED ANSWERS ASAP !! THANK YOU.

Pee Pee Kitty

Dear Pee Pee Kitty,

Oh my! How frustrated you must be! Let's see if I can help you get to the bottom of this. Your problem is particularly challenging because you have 6 cats all doing the same negative behavior. Their motivators can all be different, but likely they have some common reasons for doing so.

First, you mention that all but one cat is fixed. For starters, I would recommend you have her spayed. Because she's intact, she could be part of the problem. Un-spayed cats are more likely to urine mark than spayed females. In fact, urine marking usually happens more frequently just before they go into heat. Additionally, if she's starting the pee-fest, the others may be more inclined to mark their territory if she is doing so.

Next, how many litter boxes do you have? The best scenario is to have a box for each cat, plus one. That way, no kitty has to share a box, if they choose not to. It's unlikely each cat would demand their own box, but with 6 cats, it may be difficult to know who doesn't mind sharing.

There are several other reasons felines urinate indoors, inappropriately. Often, cats will mark when their environment changes. Your recent carpet shampooing in three rooms might equate to an environmental change that triggered the urinating. Additionally, with any single cat, there could be a social issue, an anxiety problem or a medical issue causing the behavior.

In the future you might try cleaning carpets one at a time. Shampoo the dining room one week, see if the behavior returns. Then shampoo another carpet another week, and so on.

If none of these recommendations fix the problem, you'll need to have each kitty checked out by your veterinarian to rule out a medical cause for the unwanted potty behavior.

I wish I had a single, simple solution for you. The good news is there is hope that you can alter their behavior once you know what the true causes are.

Keep me posted and good luck!

Kristen Buck60x60

Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Expert

September 23, 2013

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