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Articles and Advice from our Pet Expert

My cat has been clawing at my couch. How can I save my couch?

Yes, upholstered furniture is a favorite among cats to their “clawing”! This exercise is completely natural and necessary for cats. Clawing various surfaces is how cats sharpen nails and release the nail sheath which sheds and re-grows every 4-6 weeks.

There are two approaches you can take to protect your furniture without having to declaw your cat. First, attempt to modify your cat’s behavior by giving them attractive alternatives for clawing. Provide him or her with a scratching post or a corrugated cardboard scratching block. Sprinkle catnip on them to attract your cat to the area. Chances are good you feline may begin to enjoy their new scratching surface.

Secondly, while you’re working to convince kitty to claw elsewhere, protect your furniture with a clever invention—Soft Paws, Soft Paws were created by a veterinarian, to prevent the destructive results of clawing. They are plastic nail caps that cover each claw, allowing your cat to perform the clawing action, without actually damaging the item they are clawing. The nail caps come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be put on your cat by your veterinarian or by you—if your cat will allow you to!

Kristen Buck60x60

Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Expert

September 3, 2009

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