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Articles and Advice from our Pet Expert

How can I help my one year old dogs chewing problem?


My one year old dog has the worst chewing problem. We have gotten multiple chew toys and bones but he will still ruin most of my bras and actually ate half of our remote! It's not only when we're out, but even when we're both home and he's getting attention! How can I keep him safe?



Hi Emily,

Believe it or not, a one-year old dog is still very adolescent. He will grow out of some of this puppy chewing behavior, but you must set some ground rules for him and be consistent. I am not a dog trainer, so I do suggest you find a reputable trainer in your area (you can ask your veterinarian if you're not sure). But essentially, your problem is that your pup prefers to play/chew the "taboo" items. One reason is probably because they smell like you, the other reason is because he gets a rise out of you when you see him chewing something he's not supposed to! For some pups, any attention is welcome attention. Even if it's getting yelled at! And if you're chasing him to grab the item, he's really loving that!

So, first, you need to be very very diligent about keeping the items you don't want him to chew, out of his reach. Keep things picked up off the floor or furniture where he can reach them. If not, it's like leaving candy laying around and expecting that children won't find and eat it!

Second, when pup has something he's not supposed to have, authoritatively tell him no, and replace the object he has with one of his toys. You should also praise him when he does bring you his toys! Never chase him when he's got something he's not supposed to have. That is a fun game for him.

Lastly, be consistent! Don't cave in because he's so cute when he's bad! Good luck, and please consult a dog trainer for additional advice.

Kristen Buck60x60

Written by:
Kristen Levine, Pet Lifestyle Expert

September 18, 2009

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