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Pet Hair Eraser Filters - Model 1650

Are the filters in your Pet Hair Eraser getting dirty? There are two different filters in your machine. One is the Pre-Motor Filter, and the other is the Post-Motor Filter.

  • To get to your Pre-Motor Filter, press the Tank Release Button on your tank and pull it off the machine.
  • Then pull the tab out on the front of the tank and pull up. You'll then see the Pre-Motor Filters.
  • Pull out the Pre-Motor Filters from the top of the lid.
  • Wash your filters with mild soap. Make sure you rinse properly and squeeze it out when finished.
  • Let your filters dry completely before placing them back into your Pet Hair Eraser.
  • When replacing the Pre-Motor Filters, make sure the think foam filter goes last.
  • The Post-Motor Filter is located on the bottom of where your tank sits.
  • To get to it, Pull the tab up and you will see your Post-Motor Filter
  • Twist the filter counter-clockwise to remove.
  • And pull straight up and out.
  • Do NOT wash the pleated filter, simply tab the filter in the trash to get rid of any dust or debris.
  • Once cleaned, re-insert the Post-Motor Filter and close the tab.

Now that both filters are cleaned, you may reinsert the tank and get back to cleaning.

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