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What to do if Your Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Loses Power Video

If you are having power troubles with your Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® vacuum, here are some tips.

  • Start by plugging in your machine to a grounded outlet.
  • To power on the machine, press the power switch on the side of the vacuum.  
  • If there is still no power, unplug your machine from the wall.
  • Check the entire length of the power cord, and discontinue use if there is any damage
  • Check to see if the outlet is working.  You can test this by plugging something small like a cell phone charger or nightlight into the outlet.  
  • Often homes have several outlets on the same breaker, and the breaker can be tripped if multiple appliances are plugged into those outlets.
  • Try using an outlet in a different area or resetting any tripped breakers
  • Your vacuum has an internal shutoff if it becomes too hot due to clogged filters or hoses.  You can tell if the lights on the foot are on when plugged in.  
  • Follow the steps in the No Suction video to clean your filters and remove any clogs while your vacuum is cooling down for 45 minutes to an hour unplugged
  • Once cool, with filters & clogs cleaned out, you should be able to plug your vacuum in and get back to cleaning
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