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Cleaning Filters Pet Hair® Eraser Lift-Off® Video

When it comes time to clean the two filters on your machine, follow these easy steps:

  • There are two filters located on the Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off®
  •  To access the pre-motor filter, make sure your vacuum is turned off and press the dirt container Release Button then pull away from the vacuum
  • Next, twist the tank cover to the unlock position then pull up on the handle
  •  The pre-motor filter should now be visable. 
  • Pull down on the filter to remove. 
  • There are three pieces to the pre-motor filter and all are washable. Be sure to dry all filter layers separately and make sure they are fully dry before reassembling and returning to the vacuum
  • The next filter you will need to clean is the Post-Motor filter
  • Remove the post-motor filter cover by pulling up on the tab. 
  • Now you can unscrew the post-motor filter by turning the tab counter-clockwise. 
  • Once the filter is unscrewed you may remove. If dust or debris has accumulated, gently tap the filter on the inside of a trash bin
  • Once cleaned, replace the post-motor filter.

That’s it! You know now how to clean both filters on your Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off®. 

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