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Cleaning Windows | How to Videos | Pet Stain Eraser™

If your Pet Stain Eraser™ came with the window cleaning attachment, these tips will help you become more familiar with it.

  • First, remove the scrubbing brush by pushing the tab up and pulling gently
  • Next, attached the window cleaning tool by first securing on the clear nozzle. Then rotate the window cleaning tool until it clicks into place
  • There are two methods to cleaning windows with your window tool
  • You may either pour window cleaner solution directly into the unit or simply spray the window with your preferred window cleaning solution
  • To use the window cleaning solution in your unit, first rinse the tank to remove any previous contents. Once rinsed you may pour the window cleaning solution directly into the tank
  • Next, hold the machine in a vertical position in front of the window and press the spray trigger to spray the window cleaning solution onto the window.  
  • Now, release the spray trigger and use the sponge on the tool to gently scrub
  • With the trigger still released, tilt the cleaner down to engage the squeegee. Clean with complete vertical strokes and work across the entire window
  • The second method to cleaning windows allows you to simply spray the window directly with your cleaning solution and follow the same steps to then squeegee and suck up the solution
  • If needed, the window tool may be removed and cleaned under water. To remove, push upward on the back of the unit while pulling gently
  • Let the attachment air dry

That’s it! We hope you found these tips useful and are now ready to clean your windows with your Pet Stain Eraser™!

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