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Using Remote | How to Videos | EV675™ Robot

Your robot can be conveniently controlled by a remote, but first you need to set up the remote. We’ll show you how in this video.

  • Make sure there are 2 triple-A batteries in the remote
  • First, we’ll pair the remote to your robot. Check that the power switch is turned OFF. Press and hold the play button on the remote for 5 seconds until the clock icon on the display flashes
  • While still holding the play button, turn the robot ON. It will beep three times to let you know it’s successfully paired
  • To set the clock, press the clock button on the remote and hold it until the icon flashes on the remote’s display
  • Use the arrows to set the hour and minute
  • Press the clock button again to save the time. The robot will beep one time to confirm the time was saved
  • The remote is one of the ways you can control your robot. Use the directional arrows on the remote to control your robot
  • The buttons change your robot’s pattern, to learn the different cleaning, check out our “cleaning modes” video
  • The remote also has a return to dock button that’s used to send your robot back to the docking station for charge and storage
  • You can also use your remote to cancel a scheduled clean. Just press and hold the schedule button on the remote

Now that you’re familiar with how the remote works, you can use it to get to cleaning!

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