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Cleaning Dust Bin | How to Videos | EV675™ Robot

Between cleans, you should empty your robot’s dust bin. We’ll show you the simple steps to do so in this quick video.

  • First, make sure your robot is turned OFF
  • Press the button on top of the dust bin and pull out to remove.
  • Open the filter door by pulling both sides apart
  • Empty debris from the dust bin into the trash
  • Next, remove the filter cover, followed by the foam filter and pleated filter
  • These filters cannot be washed. Use the cleaning tool to brush the filters and the cover
  • With the filters removed, rinse the dust bin with warm tap water. Do not machine was the dust bin. Make sure it’s completely dry before reinstalling
  • You don’t need to wash it every time.3
  • Once everything is clean and dry, reinstall the filters and the filter cover into the bin. Close the bin and push it back into the robot

Now you’re ready to clean!

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