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Parts & Supplies

Dirty Tank Assembly JetScrub™ | 1617948
Part #:

Dirt Tank Assembly for the BISSELL® JetScrub™ Pet Carpet Cleaner, Series 2529.

To empty the Dirty Water Tank, follow these instructions:

  • To release the Dirty Water Tank, press down on recessed button on the top of the tank.
  • Tilt the tank slightly toward you. Grab the handle and tank with both hands and pull the Dirty Water tank up and away to remove.
  • Grab top of Dirty Water Tank in recessed area on each side of the Float Stack and pull upward to remove top of tank
  • The Float Stack prevents the tank from overflowing. When the tank is full, the Float Stack will shut off your suction motor creating a high-pitched sound indicating it is time to empty your tank
  • Pour dirty water and debris out
  • Rinse the inside of the Dirty Water Tank. Rinse the float located at the bottom of the top of the Dirty Water Tank
  • If the inside area where the Dirty Water Tank sits is dirty, wipe clean with a rag
  • Leave parts out to dry before reassembling
  • Once parts are dry, reassemble and replace the top of Dirty Water Tank
  • Angle the tank back into body of machine inserting bottom first. Tilt the top of the tank toward the machine and push into place until you hear a "click."
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