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No Suction | How to Videos | CrossWave® Cordless

If your CrossWave® Cordless lost suction power while you were cleaning, follow the steps in this video to help fix the issue.

  • First, make sure your CrossWave® is turned OFF and not sitting on the 3-in-1 Docking Station.
  • Check the dirty water tank and make sure there are no clogs in the hose below it.
  • Remove the filter and clean debris from both the screen and filter. Also empty the dirty water tank and leave the filter out to dry completely before replacing it.
  • Next, remove brush roll window by pulling up, and and remove the brush by pulling up on the tab.
  • Check for any build up or clogs in the area leading up to the dirty water tank and remove if necessary.
  • Check the brush for any build up of hair or string, and replace by putting the right side in first and lock the left side in by pushing downward.
  • Lastly, secure the brush window by inserting the tabs on the front and pressing down into place until you hear a click.

Now that your CrossWave® is free of any obstruction, you can get back to cleaning!


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