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Changing and Cleaning a Filter - Cleanview Vacuum

Learn more about changing and cleaning a filter with Cleanview Vacuum in this step-by-step instructional video.

Video Transcript:

Before performing any maintenance on your vacuum, always unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet.

Your vacuum has two filters that catch fine particles. You should check both filters monthly and wash or replace them every 3-6 months, or whenever they become dirty.To locate the washable pre-motor filter, remove the Easy Empty dirt tank and push the lid release button located on the carry handle. Remove the foam filter from the filter tray. Check this filter frequently and wash it with a mild detergent when it comes dirty. Be sure to dry the filter completely before replacing it in the vacuum. The post-motor filter assists in returning clean air to the room when you vacuum. To access the post-motor filter, remove the filter tray located beneath the Easy Empty dirt tank.

Push the filter through the bottom of the tray to remove it. To remove light dust and debris, gently tap the filter on the side of a waste basket. The post-motor filter is not washable and must be replaced when it becomes dirty. You can find replacement CleanView filters on With regular maintenance and genuine Bissell replacement parts, your Bissell CleanView vacuum will continue to provide superior cleaning performance.

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