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Charger for Pet Stain Eraser

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Charger fits the Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Handheld Portable Cleaner.  NOTE: Your Pet Stain Eraser charger should only be used with charger SIL, Model SSA-100060US..

Before charging, make sure the unit is off by ensuring the battery status indicator lights are not illuminated. Insert the charging adapter plug into the charging port on the handle near the base of the unit. 

NOTE: There is a door covering the charging port that will automatically slide out of the way when the charging adapter is inserted. 

Plug the adapter into a suitable wall outlet. The battery status indicator lights will illuminate when charging. For maximum run time, charge the unit 4 hours prior to use. 

NOTE: On first use, make sure your unit is fully charged before using it. To check the battery status, turn the machine ON by pressing the power button on the handle. Battery is fully charged with all three of the blue status lights are illuminated.


This part works with 4 products. View Products

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Name Charger for Pet Stain Eraser
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