Model No 1613178

Brush Roll | Blue | for Select Carpet Cleaners

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Blue 4 Roll Brush Roll for Select Upright Carpet Cleaners including Series 2084.

To remove and clean/replace the Brush Roll, follow these directions. You will need 1 Phillips & Flathead screwdriver:

  • Turn the machine off and unplug from the outlet
  • Remove Clean Water and Collection Dirty Water Tanks
  • Lay the machine down to access the bottom of the machine
  • With a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the belt cover and remove.
  • If you want to clean or replace the Brush Roll, remove the belt by slightly lifting the brush roll to maneuver the belt and remove it.
  • When removing the Brush Roll, the brush roll cap will come with it.  Do not lose this part.
  • Clean the brush roll and reassemble into the machine.
  • Insert the brush into the right side end cap. Adjust the right side of the brush into place and tuck the left brush roll cap (separate piece that attaches to brush roll) in place/
  • Maneuver the belt to wrap around the pulley.
  • Wrap belt around the cog of the brush roll in place by sliding the square piece to align the brush roll
  • Attach the belt cover and screw into place.
  • Manually rotate the brush to make sure it rotates freely and the belt is aligned.

This part works with 1 products. View Products

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Name Brush Roll | Blue | for Select Carpet Cleaners
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