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BOLT Lithium - Cleaning Filters & Dirt Tank | Model 1954

We'll show you how to empty the dirt tank and clean the filters on your BOLT Lithium.

  • Make sure the vacuum is off.
  • Press the release button on the handle to remove the hand vacuum.
  • Then press the dirt cup removal button to release the dirt cup.
  • Locate and turn the filter removal tab clockwise to operate the Clean-Turn feature. As you turn the tab, the filter will turn and help clean off excess dirt and debris.
  • Pull the tab up to remove the filter from the dirt cup.
  • Then empty into a trash bin.
  • Turn the filter assembly tab counterclockwise to remove the mesh filter frame.
  • You may rinse the filter and frame in warm water to clean. Make sure they are completely dry before replacing.
  • Replace the filter back into the frame. Turn the tab clockwise to lock the pieces together.
  • Place the filter back into the dirt cup.
  • Then return the dirt cup to the hand vacuum and secure the hand vacuum to your machine.

Your dirt cup and filters are clean and ready for more use!

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