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Tips for Simplifying Your Life By Lifestyle Expert Amy Goodman

Tips for Simplifying Your Life By Lifestyle Expert Amy Goodman

This is a sponsored post I developed for BISSELL.

September is a major transition month. The weather is getting cooler, the kids are heading back to school, and when it comes to everyday chores, we could all use a little extra help. I have a few tips up my sleeve!

Spending time with my husband and kids is really important, so I love finding clever solutions to save time cleaning up and tackling chores. And for me, the best way to simplify your life and make more time for the things you love is to find ways to make routine chores like doing laundry or meal planning easier.

It’s so tempting to put off cleaning until the weekend, but trust me—it’s worth it to tackle cleaning in 15-minute bursts throughout the week. Whenever I have a spare few minutes, I’ll put away a pile of laundry, organize a pile of papers or clean out a dirty drawer. If you do this, you’ll be less overwhelmed on the weekend and be able to spend it recharging and enjoying time with family instead.


Another great tip is to invest in tools that will make each task easier. I recently discovered the Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum from BISSELL, and it has totally changed my outlook on cleaning! Since it’s small and cordless, it truly works in any space. Tight corners and spaces—like under seats in the car, in the car trunk, on your stairs and in the crevices of your furniture—are no match. It weighs about five pounds, so bringing the vacuum from room to room is no heavy lift. You can also use it as a hand vacuum to spot clean floors, and pull out the extension wand when you need to reach a corner cobweb or clean the ceiling fan. And, the battery is removable, which makes it easy to charge.


It truly has definitely helped me simplify my cleaning routine because I can do so much with just one vacuum, cutting down the time spent assembling and plugging in different cleaning tools.

I hear most people say they handle meal prep and planning on Sundays, but for us, it’s reserved for family time. So, I do it on Tuesday! You’ll find that the grocery store is less crowded, and when I take the time to create a detailed shopping list, I can get it done even faster. When I plan out our meals, I end up buying more fruits and veggies, which means healthier eating for the whole family.

To save time in the morning during the getting ready for school scramble, I pack my kids’ lunches with dry and non-perishable items the night before. All there’s left to do in the morning is pop in the sandwich! Another tip for rushed mornings is to lay out your kids clothes the night before—with their input, of course.  It’s one less thing for my groggy children to have to think about in the morning as they roll out of bed. And, once the clothes are dirty, my favorite laundry tip is to keep each family member’s dirty clothes in a separate basket so that each load can be washed and put away easily, eliminating the dreaded step of sorting.

Once you’ve gotten into a more efficient routine, these little changes can make this time of year more enjoyable, eliminate stress and allow for you to spend more time with the ones who matter most.

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