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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give a Pet for Christmas

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give a Pet for Christmas

As Christmas and the Holidays roll around a lot of people think about gifting a puppy or a sweet kitten to one of their family members as a good gift.  And no one can deny the immediate joy of having a new adorable pet in their home; it’s so fun, it’s so new, it’s a welcomed change.  However, giving a pet as a Christmas gift is a bad idea for many reasons.

  1. Pet ownership is a huge responsibility, and a long-term commitment. While it is all fun and games in the beginning, eventually the novelty wears off and someone is ultimately responsible for that pet, their well-being and their happiness.  When a child requests a pet for Christmas, parents should not enter that decision lightly.  Most likely that child is not going to be the one taking care of that pet.
  2. Animals cannot and should not be returned.  It is very traumatizing for a dog to bounce around from house to house and shelter to shelter, as you can imagine. To think they are home and to be returned to a kennel is a very scary thing. So, if you intend to take a new pet in, you need to make sure you don’t intend on taking it back.
  3. Holidays are hectic enough without having to house train a new family member. Also for those who live in colder climates, training that new pup may prove to be very difficult. Who wants to be going outside in the middle of a freezing cold night to let their dog out to go to the bathroom? These are all things people should consider when getting a new pet.
  4. It is important that the person taking in the new pet makes a connection with that pet. That means they have to be there to feel that that pet is right for them, their family and their household. Especially if they already have other pets.

All in all, there are many reasons to adopt pets and add them to your family, but there are many reasons why gifting a pet around the Holidays is not a great idea.

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