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Pets Do Not Make Good Presents

Pets Do Not Make Good Presents

Have you ever thought about giving someone you love the sweet gift of a new puppy or kitten for the Holidays?  They are just so cuddly and cute, and you are sure the person on the receiving end will be thrilled for the responsibility.  But, you could be very wrong.  Here is a reminder why pets do not make good presents for the Holidays.


Owning a pet is a very big responsibility.  Not only that, it’s a long-term commitment.  There is nothing worse than giving up a pet after the novelty of the sweet baby or new stage wears off.  Far too often we see pets in shelters who were surrendered by their families for really no reason at all.  A pet feels totally abandoned when they are, well, abandoned. They cannot understand why the people they love most in the world would give them up.  Therefore, when a person takes in an animal, that person needs to be prepared to keep that pet for the remainder of their life. 


The holidays are not the best time to gift a pet because they are already super hectic.  Depending on where a new pet owner lives, the weather can be cold and not ideal for potty training or helping your full of energy pup burn that energy.  Accidents in the home can be frustrating for a new pet owner, so unless that person is willing to be outside training their pet, avoid getting a new animal when it’s cold outside.


In summary, if you are considering giving a pet to your kids this Holiday season, or to a family member or friend, make sure that all aspects of owning a pet have been fully considered.

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