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Make Bath Time Bearable

Make Bath Time Bearable

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring mud season. This is an especially tricky time of year for pet parents—between dog park visits, sunshine-filled walks and throwing the ball around outside, the season guarantees frequent bath times for your pets. But bathing your pet can be messy! From the splatter that comes with a good post-bath shake, to the water splashed around the tub, washing our favorite pets can often create an even bigger mess than the muddy paws that prompted the bath in the first place.

  • Brush your dog. Brushing dog hair before a bath helps works out mats before they get wet, making it easier to comb out. Gently pick apart or cut out any mats before the bath, since adding water will make them nearly impossible to remove.
  • Get the temperature right. Dogs are sensitive to hot water just like you are. Check the water temperature before you bathe your dog. It should be warm, but not hot. Water that’s too cold can give your dog a chill, which is especially dangerous for puppies..
  • Invest in smart tools. First things first, like with anything, if you have the right tools, it makes the job easier and more effective. Many dogs hate bath time, making it a chore you often want to put off. As a leader in products made specifically for homes with pets, BISSELL recently introduced the all new BarkBath™ Portable Dog Bath, our first portable bath system that helps you bathe your dog in less time with virtually no mess. 

  • BarkBath gets beneath your dog’s fur and down to the skin, where odors and oils often linger, to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean while a soft suction pulls dirt and water into a separate tank. The BarkBath works with long or short fur and can clean any size dog. 

We’re always simplifying and improving cleaning at BISSELL, whether it’s cleaning your home, your carpet or after your pups. So it’s natural for us to introduce a pet cleaning system. BarkBath can also be attached to any portable deep cleaner, works with almost any length of fur or hair and uses a no-rinse shampoo. 

So go outside with your pet and enjoy the blooming flowers, warmer temperatures and MUD!  



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