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How to Remove Sticker Residue Around Your Home

How to Remove Sticker Residue Around Your Home

Stickers can be a fun way to add personality to many items. They look cool on water bottles and laptops and kids love putting stickers ALL over. But what happens when those stickers end up stuck on places they shouldn’t be? Do you know how to get stickers off in a way that won’t leave any damage? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we do! You already know we can help you give your floors their best clean, but that’s just the beginning of our cleaning knowledge. We put together this post to give you the right tools you need to help make sure you’re removing sticker residue in the right way.

How to Get Rid of Sticker Residue on Carpets and Area Rugs

We’ll start with one of the topics we know best – removing messes and stains from carpet. If you have sticker residue on your carpet, removing it presents an interesting challenge. That’s because depending on how strong the adhesive is, you could end up pulling out some of your carpet if you’re not careful. That’s why the most important thing to remember when removing sticker residue from anything is to be patient. There is a way to fix it.

Something we hear about how it happens most is when kids pull out their arts and crafts on the carpet. A lot of times, there are stickers in those craft tubs and every so often, those stickers get stuck to the carpet or area rug. If this happens in your home, try to peel the sticker off the carpet as soon as you can. If you’re lucky, the whole sticker will come up and off the carpet with maybe just a fiber or two stuck to the back. While that’s what we hope for, we also know that’s not always the case. If there’s still some residue left behind when you pull up the sticker, follow these steps:

  1. Check a section of your carpet for colorfastness.
  2. Pretreat the stain with our Tough Stain Pretreat for Carpet & Upholstery.
  3. Use a portable carpet cleaner or an upright carpet cleaner and the appropriate upright or portable formula on the stain.

Note: if the sticker residue is particularly tough, we recommend using an upright carpet cleaner since it gives you more agitation which leads to better chances of loosening up the stain.

For most messes left behind by stickers, the above steps should remove the residue, but we know all too well that some messes are harder to handle than others. If that’s the case with your mess, our chemists recommend following these steps below:

  1. Check a section of your carpet for colorfastness.
  2. Blot a little bit of cold water on the sticker residue.
  3. Mix ¼ teaspoon of rubbing alcohol with 1 cup of lukewarm water and spray the mess.
  4. Use a brush, sponge or cloth to gently work the solution into the residue.
  5. Pick up what you can of the stain.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed.
  7. Spray the area with just water when sticker residue is removed.
  8. Finish cleaning the area by going over it with a portable carpet cleaner.

How to Get Sticker Residue off Hard Surfaces

What happens when a sticker gets stuck on hard floors or a glass window and it doesn’t come off easily? We have products and recommended cleaning tips that can help in these situations, too! Just like we explained above, when you need to remove sticker residue from glass or another hard surface, slowly peel off the sticker. If you’re lucky, you’ll get all of it off. If not, no biggie! Many of our steam mops, including our PowerFresh® Pet Lift-Off®  work as floor cleaners and handheld steamers. When used as a handheld steamer, they are compatible with our flat scraper tool which is designed to easily remove tough, stuck-on messes from hard surfaces. If you have stubborn sticky residue on a glass window, we would say our PowerFresh® Pet is your best bet. Not only does it come with a flat scraper tool, but it also has a window squeegee tool. So, once you’re done steaming and scraping the sticker residue, you can squeegee the window clean – no one will even know you had a sticky situation on the window!

Steam can also be used on any sealed hard surface and our carpet tips work on carpets and area rugs. So, it doesn’t matter if you came here looking for how to get rid of sticker residue on glass or how to remove stickers from carpet, we’re confident this post can provide you with the steps you need to get stickers off almost any surface in your home!

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