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Dorm Room 101: 5 Things every college kid should have in their dorm.

Dorm Room 101: 5 things every college kid should have in their dorm.

Many things about going off to college for the first time will be a surprise, one thing that shouldn’t surprise anyone is the size of a dorm room.  It should be expected that dorm rooms are tiny, crammed, and lack space for anything that is not essential.  So what are the essentials? Here are 5 things every college kid should have in their dorm.

  1. Shower Shoes and Shower Caddy

Most dorms have a common bathroom in every hall, which means lots of people sharing the same shower. And while those showers do get cleaned, it’s very important to remember that germs travel easily. Wearing shower shoes will help immensely. Also, since you can’t keep your toiletries in the bathroom, a caddy will help easily transport toiletries back and forth.

  1.  Extra Sheets and Towels

Laundry doesn’t happen all that often when studying and meeting new friends takes priority. Make sure to have a few extra sets of sheets and towels in case the old ones don’t get washed until the next trip home. 

      3  Bolt Vacuum


Keeping a dorm room clean shouldn’t be too difficult, there isn’t a lot of surface area to cover.  However, most kids aren’t used to having to do all the cleaning themselves.  The Bolt vacuum is perfect; it’s small, easy to use, easy to empty, has a rechargeable battery and stores easily.

4. Storage Bins or Drawers

Dorm rooms typically only come with one dresser per student. Having extra storage bins is a great way to keep extra clothes and shoes organized under a bed or in a closet.

5. A Lockbox

While it’s best to assume people are good, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Living with someone new can be challenging. Also since you share a private space you never know who might be in your room when you are not around.  Having a lockbox in a hidden spot is a good way to keep your personals safe.

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