How to Keep Your Carpet Protected According to Our Chemists

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Welcome to the BISSELL Chem Lab! We’d like to take you on a tour into our labs to meet with a chemist and get the full run-down on all things regarding BISSELL chemical technology.  

BISSELL has some amazing strategic partnerships that our customers may not even realize. All of them work to benefit you guys to the best of our abilities, so that we can deliver a true clean. Today’s strategic partnership focus is with 3M and, more specifically, with Scotchgard™.  Scotchgard™ is a common household name, but we bet you didn’t know that BISSELL uses Scotchgard™ in some of our formulas.

Here’s how!  When you first purchase new carpet that comes from a mill, it is durable. Maybe the mill used Scotchgard™ or something similar but, either way, the fibers come to your home protected.  Over time with daily wear, walking, and vacuuming, that protection wears off.  However, with our formulas that contain Scotchgard™, we can help you bring that protection back and, better yet, maintain it. 

Here is a fun example that we show in our labs. We stain carpet with red punch and then use one of our formulas with Scotchgard™ to clean the carpet. The carpet looks, and stays looking, like new over time.  Now, if you take that same stain and use a competitive product that does not contain Scotchgard™, over time the protection wears off and it starts to stain the carpet. Fun fact: if you have a product that you love that doesn’t contain Scotchgard™, we have a carpet cleaning formula enhancer that you can add to your tank and get almost the same result as using the product with Scotchgard™.

So, what does this mean in the long run? Let’s say you have never used a protector on your carpet and your carpet is older so that original mill protection is basically gone.  Now your kids are running around and someone spills red punch onto the carpet. Think of this as literally dyeing your carpet.  It’s hard to differentiate a stain from dye, and most people think they can buy products to get that stain out. But the truth is, if your carpet wasn’t protected over time then that dye is permanent.  It’s the same thing the carpet mill would do if they wanted to create red carpet. And there is no going back.

The best thing anyone can do is to make sure they maintain that protection on their carpet over time. 

Click here for a link to all of our products that contain Scotchgard™. 

Check back soon for more interesting tidbits from our chemists! 

Scotchgard™ is a trademark of 3M.