Cleaning Routines

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Cleaning your living space can be easy and stress-free, especially if you follow a routine. A great way to keep a consistently clean home is by tackling one area each day. It doesn’t have to take a ton of time – 15-30 minutes should be plenty of time.  Then the mess doesn’t build up all week, making you spend hours cleaning and tidying up on the weekend. Here’s one cleaning routine that works:

Sunday: Bathrooms

  •  Get the least favorite space out of the way and start your week off right. Clean the sinks, counters, toilet and shower, and put dirty towels in the laundry. You will feel good all week long.

Monday: Bedrooms

  • Change sheets and dust bookshelves, window sills, corners and dressers. Put away any clothes that are out and straighten up the closet.

Tuesday: Kitchen

  • While we know you probably clean your kitchen daily, this is a perfect time to tackle anything extra around the kitchen that needs to be cleaned. Think bigger jobs like: wiping down appliances and cabinet fronts; dusting any open shelves, the backs and rungs of chairs or bar stools, up in the ceiling corners; or scrubbing the sink.

Wednesday: Laundry

  • By now it’s midweek and a good time to do laundry and clean up the laundry room. Quick tip: Have every family member put their clothes in a basket in their room. Do laundry in loads by person to cut down the time it takes to separate out the clothes.

Thursday: Living room

  • Tidy up the living space and put things away, like magazines, books, coasters and blankets. Dust end tables, windowsills, artwork on the walls, electronics and the fireplace mantel.Vacuum the couch, if needed, then fluff the couch and pillows; fold blankets and use a disinfecting wipe to sanitize the remote controls.

Friday: Floors

  • Vacuum your carpets and CrossWave your hard floors. Your house will be clean and ready for the weekend!

Saturday: Relax

  • Everyone needs a day to relax, recharge and do NOTHING.

Follow whatever schedule works best for you. But we’ve found that it is easier to keep a home clean by tackling one task a day. It keeps homes feeling clean all week long.