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BISSELL Partners with Fear Free Happy Homes

  BISSELL partners with Fear Free Happy Homes

Most people consider their dogs and cats as more than mere pets. They view them as valued members of the family, much like the close, loving relationship between a parent and child.

And just as any good parent would, they recognize the need to provide for more than just their dog or cat’s physical care, striving to support their animal’s mental, emotional, and behavioral needs as well. Rightly so, as many animals, including dogs and cats, have the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions, including contentment, joy, and happiness, as well as pain, fear, anxiety, and stress.

That need to care for the entire pet, both inside and out, is not only a matter of preference, it’s increasingly emphasized as a basic animal need.

At the heart of providing for an animal’s physical and emotional health is Fear Free, an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the well being of animals.


Founded by well-known veterinarian Marty Becker and supported by veterinary and pet industry experts, Fear Free aims to improve the lives of animals through educational outreach and support services to both pet owners ( and veterinary and pet professionals through Fear Free certification programs (

Fear Free's educational and certification programs, as well as guidance provided directly to animal caretakers, offers a network of support dedicated on various levels to safeguarding animal well being. In essence, Fear Free seeks to protect and promote physical and emotional well being of animals in all places their paws, hooves, and claws may reach. Those places include the home, the veterinary hospital, the grooming salon, the training class, and the boarding kennel.


Fear Free’s approach encompasses preventive measures to safeguard animals’ emotional and behavioral health as well as support and guidance for when fear, anxiety, and stress or behavioral concerns already exist. Fear Free offers scientifically sound, humane methods for better handling, interaction with, care for, and housing of animals.

The result is safer, happier, improved relationships between person and pet. Fear Free’s vision also includes reward-based training dedicated to earning the trust and cooperation of animals during care, leading to outcomes that include calmer nail trim experiences, baths, ear cleaning, and more.


BISSELL’s commitment to protecting pets and to celebrating the bonds of friendship and love shared between people and their pets makes the partnership between BISSELL and Fear Free a seamless fit.

To find out more about Fear Free and ways you can further improve your pet’s life and provide a life that’s happy, healthy, and free of fear, anxiety, and stress, go to to access a plethora of courses, videos, and articles dedicated to preventive as well as interventional support. There you can also find a searchable directory of Fear Free professionals in your area, including Fear Free Certified Veterinary Practices and Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professionals, Fear Free Certified Groomers and Fear Free Certified Animal Trainers who can join in and support your mission to provide your dog, cat or other animal friends with the happiest, healthiest life possible.

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