Pets of BISSELL - Petey

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Pets of BISSELL is back! Say hello to Petey, a three-and-a-half-year-old pug/terrier mix who has the cutest underbite we’ve ever seen. Petey comes to work with his mom, Tiffany, who works for our BISSELL Rental division. He is playful and, according to Tiffany, his favorite toys are a stuffed ice cream cone and any peanut butter-filled Kong. Petey loves to visit with other dogs in the office, even if they don’t always love him back. Petey can handle one-sided friendships. He has that kind of confidence.

Petey’s favorite thing is attention, especially if there are treats involved. He enjoys sitting in his mom’s lap at work, but makes sure his head is sticking out to watch what is happening in the office. After all, it’s hard to get treats if no one can see your cute-with-an-underbite face. His other favorite spot is on his doggy bed under Tiffany’s desk. He retreats here when he feels the need for some peace and quiet – or a nap.

BISSELL has an open-door pet policy, which means furry friends are in our office every day. We’re happy to have Petey and other pets around during our work days. Pets have a way of bringing people closer together. That’s why every day is Take Your Dog (or Pet) To Work Day at BISSELL!