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9 Ways to Celebrate Leap Day By Cleaning

Once every 1,460 days, you get an extra day: Leap Day. It's a 24-hour bonus that you can spend how you want. And this year, Leap Day falls on a Saturday, so why not spend time giving your life and home a refresh?

By tackling a few bigger projects on Leap Day, like deep cleaning your home, you'll have a rejuvenated space with new energy – and all the fresh feels! You’ll enjoy the benefits of a sparkling, organized home—from your floors to your closets. We’ve all used the excuse, “There’s not enough time to clean,” but that doesn’t work today.

So this February 29th, get a jumpstart on your spring cleaning. You’ll be ready for sunny weather, hosting friends and getting outside once the weather turns warmer. Not to mention you’ll feel more relaxed in a home that’s clean and beautiful.

Here are nine ideas to include in your Leap Day cleaning checklist to give your living space a big pick-me-up.

1. Give Your Pet's Area a Reboot

Your dog or cat is a beloved member of the family. Give their lounging and sleep space a little facelift, so it starts spring fresh and clean. A heavy-duty steam mop helps you quickly deep clean the pet bed and other surfaces (like your floors and ceiling fans) with minimal effort. Don't forget to wash food and water bowls and other spots where your furry friend likes to relax, too. 

2. Say Goodbye to Things You Don't Need

Keep away the clutter by letting go of things you no longer need. Go through your closets, dressers, kitchen, and storage to find unnecessary items.

Pro tip: if you haven’t used an item in 6 months (and it’s not seasonal), sell it or donate it. Chances are you won’t even notice it’s gone.

Getting rid of old belongings is very freeing. You'll feel less cluttered, and even more open to creativity and energy.

3. Wash Your Baseboards

A room's edges are easily forgotten and neglected. But when they're free of dirt, dust and pet hair, your baseboards brighten the entire space. A slim steam mop can make the job quick, or you can clean your baseboards with soap, water and a sponge. No matter how you tackle the project, cleaning them will keep your baseboards free of allergens and food particles.

4. Organize Your Closets

Imagine opening up every closet in your home to a well-organized system where you can find everything you need.

From your coat closet to your kids’ rooms, remove everything. Put shelves, bins or drawers in place to keep things in order. With a sustainable setup, your closets will be delightful instead of frustrating.


5. Wash Your Windows

Let the light in! Remove streaks and spots from your windows to give any room a serious upgrade. Vacuum the debris on the windowsill before getting to the washing. A pet stain eraser (used with the included window attachment) will clear up messes from dog drool, kids' sticky fingers, rain, and snow. Experts recommend washing your windows every month or two, so getting a system down on Leap Day will help you maintain a bright view to the outside all year long.

6. Redsign a Living Space

Try a fun Leap Day exercise. Enter your favorite room—whether it's your living room or home office—and say, “I want to make this an amazing space.”

Rearrange your furniture to improve the aura and add accents like wall art and indoor plants. As you move things around, vacuum the floors and dust so the entire space has new energy.  Even collecting all of the accessories you have for the room in one spot, like the kitchen table, then rearranging them in new rooms, can give a room the refresh you’re yearning for!


7. Wash Your Curtains and Blinds

Dirt, dust and hair can stick to our window accessories without us realizing. Wipe your blinds, vacuum your window treatments and take down your curtains to give them a thorough wash. Your rooms will feel pristine and your air will be cleaner.

You can wipe down your blinds with a wet rag and soap. Just be sure to read the instructions on your curtains before throwing them into the machine or hand washing them.


8. Deep Clean Your Carpet

Whether you have rugs or carpet, it's easy for hair and crumbs to get stuck in the fibers. With a high-quality carpet cleaner you can remove bits of dirt and debris you didn't even know was hiding in there. BISSELL carpet cleaners give you a professional-level carpet refresh without the expense.

Don't forget your bathroom rugs and other mats in the house. A clean floor just feels good under your feet!

9. Tackle Small House Projects

From hanging an extra towel rack to touching up the paint in your bedroom, tiny upgrades go a long way to make you feel more at home, and what better day to accomplish tasks you’ve been putting off than on Leap Day?

Think of improvements that will make your life better. Has the bathroom door been creaking? Put some WD40 on the hinges. Are you annoyed that you don’t have a spot to put your keys when you walk in the house? Hang an organizer complete with key hooks and a bin for mail.

Just remember, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by this list of ideas. Pick one or two for Leap Day 2020 and feel good as you celebrate in your rejuvenated space!

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