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Automatic Vs. Manual Cleaning SpotBot Pet 33N8A

See how the BISSELL SpotBot Pet is used in the Automatic and Manual cleaning video.

Video Transcript:

Push a button and enjoy hands-free, permanent pet stain removal. BISSELL SpotBot Pet has preset cleaning cycles that automatically spray, brush, and remove both surface and tough pet stains and odors.

Place filled clean water solution tank onto the unit. Plug in your SpotBot, the power light will indicate the machine is ready.

Your new SpotBot features in automatic Smart System that takes the guesswork out of stain removal. Place the unit directly over the spot or stain centering the stain in the cleaning area

The Surface Stain cycle is designed for stains on the surface of carpets and runs approximately 3 minutes.

The Set-In stain cycle is designed for stains that have had a period of time to set in and runs for approximately 6 minutes.

Pressing the pause button will stop the cleaning cycle. Pressing again will resume the current cycle. Pressing the red stop button will stop the cleaning cycle.

To begin again, you will need to start over and select a cleaning cycle. The status indicator lights give you updates on the cleaning cycle.

Changes in sound indicate different steps of the cycle. When a cycle completes, the finish light will illuminate and you will hear a series of beeps. Press the STOP button to turn the machine off. It will no longer beep.

Remove the hose from the unit by pressing the release button. Remove tough stain brush from the back of the unit. Attach it to the grip of the hose. Select the manual/hose button. Begin cleaning by holding the tool no more than six inches above the soiled surface.

Press the spray trigger for about 5 seconds to apply the solution. Release trigger, be sure not to over wet. Using the brush on the tool, gently scrub the soiled area until it is clean. To suction up dirt and solution position the nozzle over the cleaned area and press downward while pulling the nozzle towards you. Continue until no more solution can be removed.

When cleaning is complete lightly drag the suction nozzle across the stain to further aid in drying the cleaned areas.

Disconnect the cleaning tools from the vacuum flex hose by pushing down the button lock and pulling straight out. Unplug machine and wrap the cord around the cord wraps.

Attach tough stain brush to the base of machine. Wrap the hose around the machine and secure the into the hose connector.

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