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Pet Hair Eraser Assembly - Model 1650

Let's get to know how to put together your Pet Hair Eraser.

  • Slide the end of the wand into the base of your machine. You'll hear a click when it's in place.
  • To connect the hose, slide the arms in and down. Then press the bottom to click in.
  • Secure the hose into the clip for neat storage.
  • Insert the Cord Wrap by placing firmly until you hear another click. Then wrap the power cord around the cord wraps.
  • It is important to know that your vacuum came in floor cleaning mode. If you want to use your tools, make sure to turn this knob so it is aligned to "Hose/Tool Suction" then turn it back to floor mode for vacuuming carpet.
  • The Pet Hair Eraser comes with an optional Febreze Filter to freshen your home.
  • Press the Tank Release button and pull it away from the vacuum.
  • Pull the tab out on the front of the container and pull the handle up to open.
  • Remove the yellow foam filter and replace it with the black Febreze filter. make sure the black filter faces outward, covering the white mesh filter.
  • Then, simply place the dirt container back into your Pet Hair Eraser.
  • To use the double tool caddy, slide the single tool caddy off and replace.

Now that your Pet Hair Eraser is assembled you are ready to clean!

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