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BISSELL™ MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier

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The BISSELL™ MyAir Personal Air Purifier is how BISSELL makes clean air easy for people who worry about the air quality in their home. We designed it to be small, so it fits in your home, but it’s also packed with plenty of purifying power when it comes to indoor air care. It’s engineered with a 3-in-1 High Efficiency, Activated Carbon and Pre-Filter that captures 99.7% of 0.3 micron particles or larger on sleep mode. Those particles include pollen, smoke, dander, and dust. And because there’s three filtration technologies in one, when the Filter Change Indicator is activated, you only need to worry about changing one filter, not three. MyAir’s small size means it fits perfectly into smaller spaces in your home. Features like a whisper-quiet operating level and a night light on/off switch help create a peaceful sleeping environment when the MyAir™ is put in a bedroom. It can also be set near litter boxes and dog beds to capture bed hair, dander and odors.

  • 3-in-1 Filter comes with a Pre-Filter and combination of High Efficiency and Activated Carbon Filter that captures 99.7% of 0.3 micron particles or larger on sleep mode such as pollen, dust, dander, and smoke.
  • Capture common household odors, pet odors and volatile organic compounds with this air purifier’s activated carbon filtration.
  • Enjoy a peaceful sleeping environment with this purifier’s whisper-quiet levels.
  • Great for offices, on a bedside table, near beds and litter boxes, or any indoor space that’s around 100 sq. ft.
  • Does not produce ozone.
  • Choose between High and Low Modes, plus Sleep Mode that utilizes a night light you can turn on and off.
  • Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Key Features

BISSELL MyAir Dual Image First Woman Sleeping in Bed with Air Purifier, Other Air Purifier on Table
BISSELL MyAir Purfier on Table with clock and Plant
BISSELL MyAir Air Purifier 3-in-1 Filter taken out of purifier

3-in-1 Filter

Catches large and fine airborne particles like hair, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

BISSELL MyAir Air Purifier in kitchen sitting on counter

Activated Carbon Component

Absorbs common household odors from pets and cooking when they pass through the filter.

BISSELL MyAir Air Purfier Showing Power and Indicator Buttons

Filter Change Indicator

Alerts you when it's time to change the filter.

BISSELL MyAir Air Purifier sitting on end table next to bed

Pleasing Sound Levels

High fan speed is the perfect white noise while the Low and Sleep fan speeds are subtle and quiet.

BISSELL MyAir Air Purifier on counter in dark room with night light on

Night Light Feature

Turn the light on or off depending on your sleeping preferences.

BISSELL MyAir Air Purifier Person Sleeping in Bed with Air Purifier on nightstand next to person

Sleep Mode Function

Purify the air around you while you sleep without any disruption.

Product Specs & Support

Name BISSELL™ MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier
Model No 2780A
Quantity 1
Similar Models 2780
Power Cord Length 6'
Filtration 3 Stage
Color White
Carry Handle No
Weight 4.63 lbs

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