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Replacing & Resetting Filters | BISSELL air400 Support

Your BISSELL air 400 has three filters that we recommend you change every 6 months. In this video, we’ll walk you through exactly how to change them, so your machine stays in tip-top shape

  • The three filters provide you with three stages of filtration
  • The pre-filter first captures larger debris like hair dust and helps extend the life of the other filters. The pleated HEPA filter helps to capture even smaller particles while the activated carbon filter – one of the largest on the market – absorbs tough odors
  • The HEPA and pre-filters are attached to each other, and the pre-filter side should be facing outward
  • You’ll know it’s time to change your filters if the triangles on the control panel light up
  • If filter 1 lights up, it means the Activated Carbon Filter is saturated and needs to be replaced
  • If Filter 2 lights up, it means the Pleated HEPA Filter and Pre-filter need to be replaced. When ordering new filters, these two will come as a set.
  • Always make sure your air purifier is turned OFF and unplugged before you replace the filters.
  • Both filters have blue pull tabs for easy removal. The arrows on the frame of the filter show the direction of air flow and should point toward the front of the machine
  • With the blue tabs facing outwards, insert the activated carbon filter before you insert the HEPA + pre-filter
  • Once the new filters are in, plug in and turn your air purifier back on. Then, press and hold the filter reset button for 3 seconds
  • The life of your filters depends on how often you run your air purifier and the air conditions in your home, however we still recommend you change them every 6 months
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