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Getting Started | BISSELL air400 Support

We’re so glad you decided to buy the BISSELL air400. In this video, we’ll go over a few things you need to know to get started with your air purifier. 

  • After you remove your air purifier from its box, you’ll want to open up the back panel, remove the filters and take off the protective plastic bags.
  • Replace the filters in the same order you removed them. The black Carbon filter goes in first and the pleated HEPA filter goes in second with the pre-filter facing outwards
  • Then put the back panel into place
  • Now you are ready to plug in and power your air purifier on!
  • You’ll want to get comfortable with the machine’s control panel. This is where you’ll find the power, mode and fan speed controls, as well as various status indicators
  • The power button is on the far left of the control panel. It turns your purifier ON and OFF
  • Moving from left to right, next you’ll find the mode button which allows you to select which mode your air400 is in. You can pick from MAX, AUTO and SILENT
  • Just as its name suggests, while in MAX mode, the air purifier runs at its maximum speed. This mode is best for quick cleaning
  • When you turn on the BISSELL air400 it will default to AUTO mode. This mode prompts the air purifier to use its CirQulate System to adjust to an ideal filtration level based on the quality of your indoor air
  • In SILENT mode, the air400 operates at LIBRARY quiet sound levels. Making it best fit for sleeping environments.

  • Your air purifier also has a NIGHT mode feature. To see how that works, see our Night Mode Video
  • You can also control your air purifier’s fan speed on the control panel. Push the button that says FAN SPEED to pick from LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH
  • To help save energy, the BISSELL air400 has a shutoff timer. It can be set for one, four or eight hours. Just repeatedly press the TIMER button to scroll through timing options
  • The control panel will also tell you when it’s time to replace or service the filters. You’ll see a white triangle light up next to FILTER 1 or FILTER 2.

  • Filter 1 is the activated carbon filter
  • Filter 2 is the HEPA + pre-filter

  • For an in-depth look at how to replace and reset these filters, watch this video
  • The last button on the control panel is the FILTER RESET button. This button is used to reset the run time counter for your filters once you’ve replaced them

That’s a quick look at how your BISSELL air400 will help clean the air in your home. If you’d like to know more, check out our other videos! 

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