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How to Clean the Filters PowerGlide® Pet Vacuum

Cleaning dirty filters on your PowerGlide® is easy, we’ll show you how

  • To start, turn off and unplug your vacuum
  • Now press the tank release button, grab the handle of the tank and pull it away from the vacuum
  • Then twist the top of the tank counter-clockwise and pull up to remove it.
  • Next, lift up on the tab attached to the filter cover to remove it 
  • Now remove the foam filter
  • To wash the filter, rinse it under running water and set it out to dry
  • The separator screen can also be washed under running water
  • First remove the inner cyclone by pulling up on it with the tank lid off.
  • Pull the screen separator straight down off the inner cyclone to remove it
  • Now you can rinse it under running water
  • Then set it aside to dry
  • Wait until they are completely dry before putting them back
  • To reattach the separator screen, line up the flat edge on the top rim of the separator with the notch on the inner cyclone and push it on until it clicks into place
  • Now put the foam filter in first followed by the thin, fiber filter on top.
  • With the filters and separator screen in place, insert the inner cyclone into the tank by lining up the smallest notch on the tank with the smallest tab on the silver rim of the cyclone
  • Re attach the tank top by lining up the arrow with the unlock symbol, and twist clockwise to lock it into place
  • To clean the pleated post motor filter, Remove the filter cover by pressing on the red button labeled “filter” and pull off the cover
  • Now remove the filter by pulling out on the right side of the filter until it releases
  • Next, gently tap it on the edge of a waste basket
  • To re-attach the filter insert the left side first then click the right side into place
  • Now attach the filter cover by lining up the bottom first and tilting it back until it clicks into place
  • Then place the dirt tank back on the machine by lining up the bottom and tilting it back until it clicks into place

That’s it. Now you’re ready to get back to cleaning with fresh filters.


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