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Parts & Supplies

2037425 LATCH WSCREW ® ™
Part #:
This part works with:
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This part works with the following products:
  • 8018Y Featherweight Stick Vac
    Model Shown: 8018Y
    Similar Models: 2098, 2098C, 8018D
  • Magic Stick 2-in-1 8018D
    Model Shown: 8018D
    Similar Models: 1059, 10592, 1059W, 38B11, 38B12, 38B13, 38B15, 38B16, 38B17, 38B18, 38B1G, 38B1J, 38B1K, 38B1L, 38B1P, 38B1Q, 38B1T, 38B1U, 38B1V, 38B1W, 38B1X, 38B1Z, 38B8, 38B81, 38B82, 38B83. 38B84, 38B85, 38B86, 38B87, 38B88, 38B89
  • Imported Primary Product Image
    Model Shown: 38B1F
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