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BISSELL ProHeat 2X CleanShot - no suction

My machine is not suctioning properly. What should I check?

ANSWER:  If your ProHeat 2X Cleanshot machine is not suctioning properly, first check the motor duct gasket. To check this, first remove the tank and place your hand over the rubber square opening. If there is no suction there, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Centre for inspection.

If your machine does have suction at the duct, continue to check the following:
- Ensure the Ready Tools Dial is set to the appropriate setting (Floor Cleaning or Hose Attachments).
- Remove the tank from the machine and ensure the tank lid is attached properly. The front window must first hook onto the lip of the bottom of the tank and then drape over the tank. Latch the bottom tank to the top tank lid. THIS LID CANNOT BE ATTACHED PROPERLY IF THE TANK IS NOT REMOVED FROM THE MACHINE.
- Make sure the Water Tank is not full on the outside of the bladder. If it is, empty the tank.
- Ensure the hose is firmly attached to the back of the machine. If not, re-insert as necessary by twisting into place.
- The machine must be in an upright, locked position and set to the Hose Attachment setting. If the handle is slightly tilted back while using, it will create a small gap at the suction inlet (where handle meets gasket, above the Bottom Tank) which will cause little or no suction.
- Check the red Tank Lint Screen for debris. If the Lint Screen is dirty, the unit will have poor suction. Clean the Lint Screen if necessary.
- If the float flap door in the tank lid is activating prematurely when you turn the machine on, this flap door should be replaced.
- Check the Tank Lid and Tank for damage.

If you continue to experience no suction, please take your machine for inspection to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Centre. Go to the BISSELL Canada Homepage at: http://www.bissell.ca. Select Service Centre from the Customer Service drop down menu.

A BISSELL representative can also assist you by calling 1-800-263-2535, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., or Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., ET.